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イギリスでハーブ療法を学ぶ6/ Learning Herbal Medicine in England 6
こんにちは、Meeting Treesです。



私はインタビューと文献によるリサーチを元にした卒論だったのでまずはインタビューの対象になるハーバリスト探しに早くも四苦八苦。というのも体液質説論または四体液質を(Humoral Theory)をベースにハーブ療法を行なっているハーバリストを対象に彼らがどのようにこの体液質説を基本として患者を診て、どのようにハーブを選ぶのか、が私の卒論の内容でしたが、この四体液質をベースにハーブ療法を行なっているハーバリスト(ハーバリスト歴10年以上対象)がイギリスには少なかったのです。というのもこの四体液質論、アナクサゴラス、ヒポクラテス、ガレンから始まりニコラス・カルペパーといった偉大な医師、ハーバリストが引き継いできましたが、18世紀に西洋医学が入ってきたことと、四体液質論が緊急時の症状に対応できないことも理由に含め、学校などで教えなかった事からこのセオリーをもとににハーブ療法を行なっているハーバリストが少ないというわけなのです。



注* 私が大学を卒業してから数年が経過しています。その間にカリキュラムなど様々な事が変わっております。これは私の「体験談」で、今現在のイギリスにおいてのハーブ療法を学ぶ事に関しては書いてはおりません。詳しい事をお知りになりたい場合は関連機関に直接お問い合わせ下さいませ。

Hi there, it’s Meeting Trees!
It’s been so muggy here I think quite many people might suffer from summer heat (well, people who particularly in Japan!) and a summer cold? Hope all is well with you all!

Long time no see...well, finally back to the story ‘Learning Herbal Medicine in England 6’!
Here it is!

To graduate universities, dissertation will be required to submit.
I remember that a preparation time for it was very short, like less than 7 months.
Soon after I got the third year, had to submit a proposal for dissertation also had to submit many other staff at the same time so it was very hectic time and felt not so much time for contributing this dissertation.

I choose a style of my dissertation were literature review and interview. However, it was very difficult to find herbalists who knows and uses a humoral theory into their practice and who’s preferably practiced more than 10 years in UK.
This humoral theory started to back to Anaxagoras, Hippocrates, Galen, Nicholas Culpepper were contributed to learn a holistic approach and developed their own theories. However, once the orthodox medicine appeared in, many of herbalists were not taught this theory formally and the theory is not suitable for acute situations, thus the humoral theory was taken away.

These theory are also used in other natural remedies in their own ways e.g. Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Some may know if you hear these three elements; Vata, Pitta, Kapha, In Ayurveda, or five elements; wood, fire, earth, metal, water in TCM.

The humoral theory, four elements are used in Western herbal medicine is excessive or deficiency of each body fluids that influences to their temperaments and health. So assessing people with the humoral system is a useful approach in herbal medicine.

It’ll be longer so I’ll write this continued story next time. Hopefully it won’t take so long!

※ I left the university for few years and the situations have changed. I am writing about ‘my experiences’ and not today’s information. If you want to know about the details please check to relevant organisations.

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