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スペルズ ~世界のおまじない事典~
こんにちは、Meeting Treesです。


原本は「The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 SPELLS」、5,000種類のおまじないについて書かれた本でEncyclopedia(百科辞書)と言うだけあって原書は15cm以上あるかと思われるほどの厚みのある本です。

和名は「スペルズ ~世界のおまじない事典~」で説話社から出版されています。


Hi there, it is Meeting Trees!

I've translated some part of a book called ‘The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 SPELLS’ this summer which is released recently!
The original edition is very thick, may be 15cm or more - as there are 5000 spells in it though!
Some spells relate to herbs and thus I have done this but I had to understand mythology, religion etc so I sometimes felt very difficult to translate however, it was great opportunity to do so!
Generally, I love these kind of books so I really enjoyed working with this.
Highly recommended!
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オススメのフラワーレメディ本/My Favourite Flower Remedy Books


こんにちは、Meeting Treesです。



最近はじっくりとこれらの本を読むというよりどちらかというと講座のテキストを作る際に参照したりする事が多いのですが、その中で最近改めて読み直した本がジュリアン・バーナード著「エドワード・バッチ著作集(Collected Writings of Edward Bach)」とノラ・ウィークス著「心を癒す花の療法(The Medical Discovery of Edward Bach)」。


上記の本以外に彼自身が書いた「汝自身を癒やせ(Heal Thyself)」やこれまたジュリアン・バーナード氏著「Bach Flower Remedies - Form & Function」の非常に奥が深くて読んでいてワクワクしますがオリジナルの本しか見つからずもしかしたら和訳本が出ていないかも知れません。



Treatment Info
Flower remedy counseling is on
1 & 3 Saturdays at Kitasando (Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line)

Flower remedy counseling, is on Fridays, 1 & 3 Sundays at be-Wood Jiyugaoka.

Give a call on 090 6119 4443 / info★meetingtrees-herbs.com
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Hi it is Meeting Trees!

I totally forgot about a book section on this blog (even I made!) so I better to say something about this too!
(if you are waiting for the continued story about ‘Learning Herbal Medicine in England’ is coming up very soon! - well, not sure how many of you are waiting but I’m sorry! )

Well, I realised when I looked at my bookself and I've only got books about herbs, flower remedies, other relevant books! I hardly read books before so only I've got a few novels otherwise these books are taken up.

Few books I wanted to introduce you are about flower remedy today.
Even I read them once, but I'm always impressed by his work and moved what he's done.

Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936) who was a physician, bacteriologist and developed flower remedies. He devoted himself into this amazing work and produce these vibrational essences that we still use today. How amazing is that!

We've got so many types of essences in the world today, such as flower, trees, orchid, crystals, etc. but they wouldn’t be existed if Dr. Bach didn't produce.

So I'll introduce some books about Dr. Bach as it may be interesting to read how he made these remedies that we still use as modern natural remedies.

・The Medical Discoveries of Edward Bach Physician by Nora Week
・Heal Thyself by Dr. Edward Bach
・Bach Flower Remedies - Form & Function by Julian Barnard
・Collected Writings of Edward Bach by Julian Barnard

Enjoy reading!
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"Wildflower" Skin
by Animal Skin
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